about the event

Social Media Show & Tell is a collaborative event series powered by dooley media. Each event in the series features thought leaders in the social media space, an ever-changing list of topics, and lots of crowd participation. If social media is any part or all of what you do, you can't miss it. You'll learn very specific ways to take your efforts to a new level. You'll leave energized and excited about what you can accomplish with social media. 

I attended the second Social Media Show & Tell expecting a standard ‘roundtable discussion’ from which I hoped I’d learn something. It turned out to be a real meeting of minds of social media practitioners of all stripes. I enjoyed the engaging conversation and not only learned new things, but was inspired to think differently about our own social strategy. You shouldn’t miss the next one.
— Pete Buscani (CMO, LaRosa's)

our next event: Q2 2019

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Dooley Media’s Social Media Show & Tell was an awesome event! It was inspiring to see such a big crowd excited about social media and feeding off the energy of the panel.
— Luke Oppliger (Group Director WOMM @ Empower MediaMarketing)