March 2019 Recap

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With awesome speakers, networking, drinks, light bites from Tano Bistro, plus our customary emoji stickers, the March 2019 event had everything we’ve come to love about Social Media #ShowAndTell!

We had a great mix in our lineup of presentations, from a brand/digital expert, to social listening, to video done right. The headliners were:


PLUS we’d like to give a special shout-out to our SPEED-SHARERS, who stood up to offer a quick 1-minute tip, tool, case study or best practice.

This time, we heard from:

  • LUCRECER BRAXTON, Marketing Manager, P&G Ventures

  • MICHELLE BECKHAM-CORBIN, Director of Marketing & Communications, American Heritage Girls, Inc.

  • CORINNE WISEMAN, Creative Content Manager, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

  • CAMERON O’TOOLE, Marketing Director, 4EG

  • LIRIE VANSCHAIK, Digital Content Manager, Boot Camp Digital

  • SUSANNA MAX, Founder, StoryBound

  • CATHERINE EIFRIG, Communications Manager, ArtWorks

Read on for our top 3 takeaways from the March event and make sure to chime in your your own…

Three Key Takeaways

1. Create a “Concierge Service” for Your Target Consumer

Pete Blackshaw, the new (as of November) CEO of Cintrifuse offered this simple but sage analogy for customer service: To win in social, you have to think and act like a concierge.

This means treating every customer relationship like they matter by using different channels (whether it’s AR, VR, social or IOT) to respond to your customers’ problems. The three pieces of his New Concierge Toolkit are:

  • Help Desk – Pete explained that when your customers come to you with a question, “that is your golden moment.” This is especially true when you’re launching a new product. The top 5 questions you get asked are the top 5 complaints, and your team needs to address these issues…stat.

  • Experiential Tour Guide – “Consumer journey mapping is everything in marketing today.” How can you exceed customer needs at every touchpoint? The answer will not only result in greater loyalty, but also genuine word of mouth referrals.

  • Surprise and Delight – In other words, brands that surprise their customers with delightful experiences will be rewarded! “It might be that upgrade or that special arrangement at the restaurant.”

2. Add Structure to Social’s Unstructured Data

Renee Murphy from The Garage Group offered tips on how to find meaning and actionable insights in social media analytics. The trick, she said, is to connect the dots by looking for not-yet-obvious consumer truths within social media. This can lead to real innovation that drives a product, company, or service forward.

Through her process, she’s experienced impressive successes. A few she mentioned include:

  • Found data that guided the reorganization of a category aisle based on needs

  • Uncovered an unexpected user segment that was driving sales

  • Discovered the context around how products fit into customers’ lives

How can you put this strategy to work?

According to Renee: “Social media analytics tools are holding us back” because of their limitations. A more effective approach is social media ethnography. The trick is to approach the vast amount of unstructured social media information available online with specific objectives and a guiding plan. Use the analytics tools to support this, but you can dig even deeper in order to uncover hidden trends and themes that can transform your business.

Renee led the audience in a quick exercise to experience this technique first-hand. Very cool!

3. Use Video to Meet Needs, Grab Attention, and Amplify What Already Works

The Epipheo duo offered myth-busting mic-drops on why videos of all styles can be used to impact customer journeys. Potential customers are “flying down the highway” and social media marketers need to capture their attention. How can you get them to slow down and hear your message? “With truth, education, and empathy.

No matter your company size, Amy and Jeremy say videos are a great way to support your best-performing messages. They recommend taking what’s already working well—say a particular message or a successful campaign—then amplify it with video.

One great idea was to share a video after purchase: an instance in which people are more willing to spend time watching a video. This is a perfect opportunity to give users a personal video message that communicates a brand story. It can also be a great way to prevent any buyer’s remorse.

4. ???

What did we miss??

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